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Sebastian Milito began his career during the turbulent 1960's in New York City where he studied photography and film at NYU, The School of Visual Arts and the New School, and apprenticed in some of the best fashion and commercial photography studios in NYC. From Lillian Bassman and Paul Himmel, he learned the techniques for shooting fashion, beauty and still lifes in the studio as well as the challenges of free-wheeling editorial assignments for magazines like Look  and Harper's Bazaar. 


Struck by the power of photography to convey the truth of our times, particularily the images of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, and W. Eugene Smith, Milito began photographing 'real people living real lives' right under our noses on the streets of the city.


Published by virtually every major publishing house, including the NY Times and Timelife, Sebastian also worked under contract at WNET/Channel 13 as a photojournalist for the nighty news show, "The 51st State." One reviewer called Sebastian's color photographs groundbreaking, The city captured in an electronic slide show..." Living in Los Angeles now, Sebastian still practices his "street photography" to capture pictures of life that can stand without words.

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